Always Scared To Make Poached Eggs? Nigella Will Show You How To Make A Perfect Poached Egg In Less Than A Minute

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So, over on Instagram, I pretty frequently post pictures of my breakfast. Because that’s what people who are obsessed with food do! And pretty frequently, that breakfast involves poached eggs.

Whenever I happen to poach those eggs, I inevitably get comments asking how in the world I make such perfectly poached eggs! Well, I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I almost always cheat!

While there’s plenty of completely rational things to be fearful of in the kitchen, from knife work gone wrong to flying frying oil, I must admit I had a long-held cooking fear that was of a much sillier variety: poaching eggs.

The first handful of times I tried poaching an egg, following what promised to be a simple traditional method, I ended up with a runny egg massacre in my pan—the whites and yolk dispersing into the spinning boiling water, making it unrecognizable as an egg at all, much less the picturesque poached eggs I have been now posting latelly on my Instagram feed.

So if you are in the same position I was, I thought I’d share with you the best way to poach an egg using one “special” equipment that you must have in your kitchen.

While this method seems almost suspiciously simple, I’ve found it to be the easiest and most effective way to get my poach on —and I can happily say my longtime irrational fear of poaching eggs is no more.

Alright, let’s dig into the "secret"

My secret is a simple gadget that is called EggPoacher ! EggPoacher are small Egg poaching cups, and they’re a really great invention for folks who maybe don’t have much experience in the kitchen, but still want an fast, easy and less-fussy way to poach an egg.

EggPoacher are made of BPA free silicone , and you can also cook eggs in the microwave using them as well, although I’ve never done it before. I can tell you if you are a completely disater on the kitchen, this is the perfect tool! You will have perfect beautifull poached eggs , instead wasting your eggs, and your time!

This is the best way I found to use EggPoacher:

    1 - Place an EggPoacher into the boiling water.
    2 - Gently break an egg into the cup.
    3 - Set an egg timer for three minutes for a soft egg.
    4 - Use a spoon to remove the egg from the cup.

yap, thats this simple, but thats not all...

You can take much more advantage of EggPoacher and cook tasty eggs by mixing other ingredients, like cheese, herbs and anything that you like.

Other good thing is that they are completely easy to wash, they are dishwasher safe and made of BPA free silicone.

I know you’re thinking that I forgot to mention putting vinegar in the water to firm up the egg whites, or salting the water, or swirling the water to wrap the whites around the yolks, or even pre-straining the eggs to remove the thin watery portion of the whites to prevent that stringy mess in the water.

Well, let me tell you: with EggPoacher you dont need any of these "tips".

Check EggPoacher in details on the video below

Are They Expensive?

Hell no! This is by far the best and cheapest solution I found to make my eggs fast and perfect! You can buy a pack of 4 EggPoachers for only€24 .

Where can I buy it?

I bought my EggPoacher on their official website


Since the recent boom of EggPoacher, the company is offering a 50% discount + free shipping for all the orders completed today. Guarantee your EggPoacher today – Cook perfect poached eggs with no effort.

Our conclusion

If you have been looking for different methods for poaching an egg and if you are still reading this, I assume this is the perfect tool for you. With EggPoacher poaching an egg is so easy. No more swirling. No more vinegar. No more mesh colanders and other so-called ‘expert’ ways to cook poached eggs. These work perfectly every time.


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